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Implementation of digital pathology into diagnostic practice: perceptions and opinions of histopathology trainees and implications for training


There is increasing interest in the utility of digital pathology in the diagnostic setting. Successful transition requires guidance and training, but additionally an understanding of opinions and attitudes of histopathologists to ensure that potential barriers are addressed. Histopathology trainees as a group are likely to be at the forefront of this revolution, and have specific and as yet largely neglected training needs in this context. We designed an online survey for trainees within our region to capture their opinions and attitudes to digital pathology in the diagnostic setting, and to assess their perceived training needs. This survey indicates overall that these trainees have similar aspirations with regard to the predicted utility of digital pathology and the challenges faced as have been recognised among consultant histopathologists. While their training needs are also largely similar, there are specific additional considerations based around training in multiple centres with varying exposure to digital pathology.

  • digital pathology
  • training
  • histopathology trainees

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