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Estimation of associations between 10 common gene polymorphisms and gastric cancer: evidence from a meta-analysis
  1. Zongjing Xie1,
  2. Bingmei Wang2,
  3. Yongjie Chai1,
  4. Junyin Chen3
  1. 1 Department of General Surgery, Zhucheng People’s Hospital, Zhucheng, Shandong, China
  2. 2 Department of Oncology, Zhucheng People's Hospital, Zhucheng, Shandong, China
  3. 3 Department of Digestive, Affiliated Hospital of Shaoxing University, Shaoxing, China
  1. Correspondence to Dr Junyin Chen, Affiliated Hospital of Shaoxing University, Shaoxing 312000, China; yajchenjun{at}


Aims Associations between polymorphisms in cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-associated antigen 4 (CTLA-4)/mannose-binding lectin (MBL)/interleukin-4 (IL-4)/interleukin-6 (IL-6)/phospholipase C ε−1 (PLCE1) and gastric cancer (GC) were already reported by many studies, yet the conclusions of these studies were somehow controversial. The aim of this meta-analysis was to better clarify associations between polymorphisms in CTLA-4/MBL/IL-4/IL-6/PLCE1 and GC by combing the results of all relevant studies.

Methods Eligible studies were searched from PubMed, Embase, WOS and CNKI. We used Review Manager to combine the results of individual studies.

Results Forty-three studies were included in this meta-analysis. Combined results revealed that CTLA-4 rs5742909 (dominant comparison: OR: 1.58, 95 % CI: 1.01 to 2.48; allele comparison: OR: 1.69, 95 % CI: 1.12 to 2.56) and PLCE1 rs2274223 (dominant comparison: OR: 0.84, 95 % CI: 0.72 to 0.98; recessive comparison: OR: 1.23, 95 % CI: 1.08 to 1.40; over-dominant comparison: OR: 1.16, 95 % CI: 1.00 to 1.34; allele comparison: OR 0.88, 95 % CI 0.78 to 0.99) polymorphisms were significantly associated with GC in the general population. We also obtained similar significant associations with GC for rs5742909 and rs2274223 polymorphisms in East Asians. Nevertheless, no positive results were observed for the other eight investigated polymorphisms.

Conclusion Collectively, this meta-analysis demonstrated that CTLA-4 rs5742909 and PLCE1 rs2274223 polymorphisms may confer susceptibility to GC, especially for East Asians.

  • CTLA-4, Cytotoxic T-lymphocyte-associated antigen 4
  • MBL, Mannose binding lectin
  • IL-4, Interleukin-4
  • IL-6, Interleukin-6
  • PLCE1, Phospholipase C ε-1
  • GC, Gastric cancer
  • meta-analysis

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  • Contributors ZX and JC conceived and designed the study. ZX and BW conducted the literature review. YC analyzed data. ZX and JC drafted the manuscript. All authors have read and approved the final manuscript.

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