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Gene of the month: GTF2I


The GTF2I is a general transcription factor and its mutations have been reported to be recurrent in thymic epithelial tumours and are rare in other malignancies. Apart from thymic epithelial tumours, these mutations have also been reported in a subgroup of T cell lymphomas, angioimmunoblastic T cell lymphomas. Soft tissue angiofibroma has been reported to harbour GTF2I-NCOA2 fusion, whereas GTF2I partners with Retinoic acid receptor alpha (RARA) in acute promyelocytic leukaemia as GTF2I-RARA. GTF2I has also been implicated in immune disorders and two neuropsychiatric genetic disorders, namely autism and Williams-Beuren syndrome. The various structural, biochemical and functional properties of GTF2I suggest towards the oncogenic nature of this gene. Studies involving patients are presently few and the availability of biospecimens amenable to molecular diagnostic studies is limited. Future studies involving biospecimens and transformed cell lines shall provide a clear understanding of the GTF2I mechanistic to eventually lead to targeted treatment.

  • oncogenes
  • genetics
  • genes
  • neoplasm

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