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Follicular lymphoma with trisomy 18 exhibiting loss of BCL-2 expression on transformation to a large cell lymphoma
  1. Noraidah Masir (noraidah.masir{at}
  1. University of Oxford, United Kingdom
    1. Roland A Ventura (roland.ventura{at}
    1. University of Oxford, United Kingdom
      1. Margaret Jones (margaret.jones{at}
      1. University of Oxford, United Kingdom
        1. Jens Samol (jens.samol{at}
        1. Churchill Hospital, Oxford, United Kingdom
          1. Teresa Marafioti (teresa.marafioti{at}
          1. University of Oxford, United Kingdom
            1. David Y Mason (david.mason{at}
            1. University of Oxford, United Kingdom


              We describe here a case of follicular lymphoma with trisomy 18 without a demonstrable BCL-2 translocation that appeared to transform to a diffuse large cell lymphoma within a single lymph node. The follicular lymphoma, which was associated with strong BCL-2 protein expression in the follicular region, showed absence of BCL-2 protein in the transformed area, despite the continued presence of the chromosomal abnormalities. This case illustrates the ability of tumour cells to alter the expression of the BCL-2 protein within the same lymph node when cells transformed and demonstrates that certain genetic events commonly observed in follicular lymphoma did not play a role in the changing phenotype as the cells transformed.

              • follicular lymphoma
              • loss of BCL-2 expression
              • transformation

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