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Comparison of estimated glomerular filtration rate with routine creatinine clearance using a kinetic alkaline picrate assay from Olympus Diagnostica.
  1. Patrick J Twomey (taptwomey{at}
  1. The Ipswich Hospital, United Kingdom
    1. Derek R Pledger
    1. The Ipswich Hospital, United Kingdom


      Current practice for more accurate assessment of glomerular filtration rate in the majority of patients is to perform a creatinine clearance test. It is now recommended that estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) using the 4 variable MDRD equation is employed to identify people with chronic kidney disease and those at risk of chronic kidney disease. We sought to evaluate the difference between creatinine clearance and eGFR employing our current reagents. In particular, we sought to examine the relationship across the whole range of glomerular filtration rates to see if there was any glomerular filtration rate related difference.

      • absolute difference plot
      • creatinine clearance
      • estimated GFR
      • proteinuria
      • relative difference plot

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