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Anaphylaxis as an adverse event following immunisation
  1. Michel Erlewyn-Lajeunesse (mich.lajeunesse{at}
  1. University of Bristol, United Kingdom
    1. Jan Bonhoeffer (jan.bonhoeffer{at}
    1. University Children's Hospital, Basel, Switzerland
      1. Jens U Ruggeberg (rueggeberg{at}
      1. Pädiatrische Infektiologie, Universitätskinderklinik, Düsseldorf, Germany
        1. Paul T Heath (pheath{at}
        1. St Georges' University of London, United Kingdom


          Anaphylaxis is an acute hypersensitivity reaction with multi-organ-system involvement that can rapidly progress to a severe life-threatening reaction. It has been difficult to provide a robust clinical definition of anaphylaxis because of the non-specificity of symptoms and variability of presentation. Anaphylaxis can occur to a variety of allergens, and is a rare, but well recognised Adverse Event Following Immunisation (AEFI). Several groups have recently tried to provide a working definition of anaphylaxis. This article reviews these definitions and discusses the challenges for vaccine safety in reliably identifying anaphylaxis as an AEFI.

          • adverse event
          • anaphylaxis
          • hypersensitivity
          • immunisation
          • vaccination

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