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The role of a recombinant hybrid protein based ELISA for the serodiagnosis of Onchocerca volvulus
  1. Julie Alison Andrews (julie.andrews{at}
  1. Hospital for Tropical Diseases, United Kingdom
    1. John Bligh (john.bligh{at}
    1. Hospital for Tropical Diseases, United Kingdom
      1. Peter Chiodini (peter.chiodini{at}
      1. Hospital for Tropical Diseases, United Kingdom
        1. Jan Bradley (jan.bradley{at}
        1. University of Nottingham, United Kingdom
          1. Pius Nde (piusnde{at}
          1., Germany
            1. Richard Lucius (richard.lucius{at}
            1. Humboldt University, Germany


              Onchocerca volvulus infection is traditionally diagnosed by examination of skin snips for the presence of microfilariae. A disadvantage of this method is the low sensitivity particularly with light or prepatent infection. Serodiagnosis using recombinant antigen based assays may provide a more sensitive diagnostic test. An ELISA based on a recombinant antigen OvH3 has previously been validated using sera from endemic areas. This study demonstrates its potential role as a sensitive and specific assay for use in the serodiagnosis of onchocerciasis in a reference laboratory dealing with sera from patients in non-endemic setting.

              • ELISA
              • Onchocerca volvulus
              • Onchocerciasis
              • recombinant antigens

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