How the thrombus formed in the location to organise?

Mohammed Naim, Professor, Pathology,
January 24, 2011

In this study, from reputed medical institutions of Toronto, Canada, novel observation of organising micro-plaque placental thrombotic-process on foetal side of the basal plate are reported by the authors, inviting reports on larger organising thrombi in the same loci on the villous margin depression in the basal plate. On this subject, however, Craven CM and Chedwick (2002) reported that the basal plate of placenta is formed as a result of fibrin deposition from the decidual vein on the uterine face of the invading trophoblasts. The authors presently observed organising thrombus micro-plaque, thus, between the basal plate made of fibrin- deposit and the trophoblast layer of villi limiting the foetal aspect of the basal plate. It requires explanation how thrombus formed on villous side of the fibrin/basal plate. Authors may be in better position to explain this aspect of the present findings.

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