NF-kB and ER appeared remotely coordinated by EGFR

Mohammed Naim, Professor, Pathology,
December 20, 2010

This study from multiple centers of repute from UK and Spain demonstrated cytoplasmic and nuclear expressions of NF-kB/p65, and established that in good number-ratio of 1:4 or 1:3 cytoexpression was followed/accompanied by the nuclear expression, besides there were cases of breast carcinoma negative for nuclear as well as cyto expression of NF- kB; could imply that p65 expression was consequence rather than being an essential component of the etiopathogenic pathway sequence of the breast carcinogenesis. Further it appeared that this study identified NF-kB negative ER +ve, NF-kB +ve ER -ve, NF-kb +ve ER +ve, NF-kB -ve ER -ve subgroups; it could be indicative of remotely coordination of NF-kb and ER receptors expressions and regulation by EGFR. It may also explain unexpected result relating to therapy, but only the authors may be in position to explain what may be the factual position.

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