What is generic basis and how the varying terms correlated please?

Mohammed Naim, Professor, Pathology,
April 18, 2016

Editor Sir In this exhaustive study a type of breast carcinoma is described and cited as histiocytoid, apocrine lobular, myoblastoid, pleomorphic foam cell, lipid rich. It is not clear as to what is the generic basis of these terms, and how these varying meaning terms correlated?to mean one type of breast carcinoma. Did the authors mean that any term can be applied to such carcinoma? Further it strikes as to why not call it malignant Histiocytoma of the breast? If a case is diagnosed histeocytoid by mentioned immune marker, is it sure that the diagnosis is final and will not change on histopathological examination of the excised specimen, or will it require no further histopathology sections and study please? This queries may kindly be entertained please, since we use BMJ JCP for learning and teaching our histo-pathologists.

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