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  • Historical perspectives and web pages
    Alan Rubin

    Dear Editor

    I read the contribution in Historical Perspectives, 'Molten gold was poured down his throat until his bowels burst,'[1] with mounting horror and incredulity. Though the subject atter was unusual and the animal model dubious, I was most puzzled by the nature of the references. The second and fourth references are to web pages. Investigation of these pages shows that both are postings taken from books at lea...

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  • Well Expressed
    Vadakkuppattu D Ramanathan

    Dear Editor

    We enjoyed reading this poem. Certainly this reads much better than a drab 'tissue was fixed in 10 % formalin, routinely processed' etc.

    Can we expect some more poems from Dr.Alexander for in situ hybridization, microarray et al.?

    V.D. Ramanathan

  • How do we define Hodgkin disease?
    Kikkeri N Naresh

    Dear Editor

    It is a pleasure to read Professor Pileri’s recent article on Hodgkin disease (HD).

    Reflecting back, it took a long time and a lot of effort to identify the cell of origin of the RS cell, which in 98% of cases is a follicular center B-cell. It took a lot more time to recognize that in 2% of classical HD (cHD) cases the RS cells are actually of T-cell origin. Surprisingly, and rightly so (in...

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  • Unnecessary testing is a problem in DGHs too.
    Hilary J Longhurst

    Dear Editor,

    Re: Unnecessary repeat requesting of tests in a university teaching hospital immunology laboratory: an audit.

    Unnecessary testing is not only a problem for teaching hospitals. We were aware that the utility of many of the tests performed by our department was low and undertook an audit assess this. Our standard was that 90% of requests should be clinically appropriate. DNA antibodies shou...

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  • Haematology Laboratory Out of Hours Services
    Michael Galloway

    Dear Editor

    Janet Shirley and colleagues [1] have made a useful contribution to the costings of laboratory out of hours services. Their study is based on the findings from 22 laboratories. Some of their results have been confirmed in the latest annual report from the national Pathology Benchmarking Study [2]. In this study 93 haematology departments participated and 86 provided details of their out of hours service...

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  • Bread bag clips in the gastrointestinal tract
    Edward J Tweedie


    After encountering 5 cases in our institution over an 8 year span and reviewing the literature to find 15 more cases reported, we realized that bread bag clip ingestion is an uncommon but not an exceptionally rare event. We summarized these cases in a recent publication (1). Many of the patients were elderly and wore dentures, suggesting that decreased oral sensation may be a risk factor for ingestion. T...

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