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    Richard Herriot


    In defining underlying causes of pulmonary granulomatous inflammation in their study population(s), Mukhopadhyay et al[1] correctly list immunodeficiency disorders as one possible association. They define a causal link between pathologist-observed granulomata and immune deficit where the latter has been already been identified clinically in individual patients. However, granulomatou...

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  • Expression of NCAM may be associated with the immune response against well differentiated thyroid carcinoma.
    Laura Sterian Ward

    Dear Editor,

    A very important issue was assessed by Yang et al in their outstanding study recently published by this journal1. As pointed out by the authors, distant metastasis is the most preoccupant complication of differentiated thyroid carcinoma (DTC) and a very anguishing therapeutic challenge for the attending physician. A series of studies have been trying to establish a molecular pattern able to predic...

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  • Detection of breast cancer stem cells in tumor samples: single vs. double immunostaining.
    Marco A. Velasco-Velazquez

    To the Editor,

    We noted with interest the study entitled "Breast cancer stem cell markers CD44, CD24 and ALDH1: expression distribution within intrinsic molecular subtype", published by Ricardo and colleagues [1]. Papers like this one have major importance since retrospective studies analyzing the proportion of cancer stem cells in breast tumor biopsies as prognosis factors are still required. Ricardo et al. al...

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  • RE: Differential expression of microRNA-675, microRNA-139-3p and microRNA-335 in benign and malignant adrenocortical tumours. Schmitz et al. 64:529-535 doi:10.1136/jcp.2010.085621
    Stan B Sidhu

    Puneet Singh, Patsy S H Soon and Stan B Sidhu

    Cancer Genetics Unit, Hormones & Cancer Group, Kolling Institute of Medical Research, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia

    RE: Differential expression of microRNA-675, microRNA-139-3p and microRNA-335 in benign and malignant adrenocortical tumours. Schmitz et al. 64:529-535 doi:10.1136/jcp.2010.085621

    To the Editor,

    We noted with i...

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  • Uncommon adverse effects of imatinib
    David M. Ross

    To the Editor,

    I read with interest the report of Chakupurakal and colleagues on a patient who developed peripheral neuropathy during imatinib treatment.(1) Their report highlights the importance of vigilance for late, unexpected adverse events in patients receiving potentially lifelong maintenance chemotherapy.

    The authors assert that neuropathy has not previously been reported as a side effect of im...

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  • Simplified normal heart weight scale
    Masahito Hitosugi
    Editor - We found the article entitled "Derivation of new reference table for human heart weights in light of increasing body mass index", written by Gaitskell et al, extremely interesting.1 Postmortem heart weight is important in diagnosing whether the heart is normal. In this article, the author described that heart weight (HW) correlated slightly better with body surface area (BSA) than body weight and presented new reference c...
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  • Re:What is generic basis and how the varying terms correlated please?
    Puay H Tan

    We thank Dr Naim for the interest in our paper. In our review of histiocytoid breast carcinoma (1), we have indicated that it is best categorized as a subtype of invasive lobular carcinoma, and this is stated in our title. The various terms mentioned in our review relate to historical descriptions that alluded to this unusual tumour, based on morphological evaluation and reports by authors who investigated this subject (...

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  • What is generic basis and how the varying terms correlated please?
    Mohammed Naim

    Editor Sir In this exhaustive study a type of breast carcinoma is described and cited as histiocytoid, apocrine lobular, myoblastoid, pleomorphic foam cell, lipid rich. It is not clear as to what is the generic basis of these terms, and how these varying meaning terms correlated?to mean one type of breast carcinoma. Did the authors mean that any term can be applied to such carcinoma? Further it strikes as to why not call...

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  • Bone marrow Aspiration and Bone marrow Trephine biopsy studies are complementary to each other and in kolkata, West Bengal, Bone marrow Aspiration is most choicely investigation than trephine biopsy for Diagnosis and Follow up of common Hematological pro
    Professor Pranab kumar Bhattacharya- MD(cal) FIC Path(Ind),

    The Hematologists(Pathologists trained in hematology) of kolkata, West Bengal( in private setup tertiary care hospitals or in diagnostic laboratories or in Govt. set up secondary or tertiary care teaching hospitals) are being mostly trained with performing, interpretation, evaluation and diagnosis of common hematological problems, requiring Bone Marrow studies, by Bone Marrow aspiration(for diagnostic and follow up afte...

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  • How the thrombus formed in the location to organise?
    Mohammed Naim

    In this study, from reputed medical institutions of Toronto, Canada, novel observation of organising micro-plaque placental thrombotic-process on foetal side of the basal plate are reported by the authors, inviting reports on larger organising thrombi in the same loci on the villous margin depression in the basal plate. On this subject, however, Craven CM and Chedwick (2002) reported that the basal plate of placenta is f...

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