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published between 2004 and 2007

  • SpR in histopathology
    Nidhi Tandon

    Dear Editor,

    I gather from the article that an overseas graduate with an experience in Pathology can directly apply for SpR post, but the rcpath website says it is not so for histopathology. I would like to know if an overseas graduate with an experience in Pathology equivalent to the award of CCST can directly get into SpR post?

  • Re: Dangers of Bouin's Fixation.
    Vijayalakshmi Ananthanarayanan

    Dear Editor

    In a previous issue of this journal, we presented problems of using Bouin’s fixative for immunohistochemical and nuclear morphometric assays on prostatic biopsies(1). We agree with the important comment offered by Berney that Bouin’s fixative could increase the sensitivity for detection of high grade prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (HGPIN) and prostate cancer. Furthermore, we agree that increa...

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  • Negative images of mycobacteria
    Debdatta Basu

    Dear Editor,

    We read with interest the article by Dunn et al.[1] We have reported unstained rod-shaped images of mycobacteria in Romanowsky-stained aspirate smears of lymphnodes and bone marrow in patients with AIDS.[2,3] These were subsequently confirmed to be acid-fast bacilli with Ziehl- Neelsen stain. We referred to them as ‘negative images’. Maygarden and Flanders first reported negative images of mycobacteria...

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  • Rickettsial antibody levels and mitochondrial gene expression in CFS patients
    Geoffrey C Kemp

    Dear Editor,

    Kaushik et al.[1] have demonstrated significantly different gene expression in a small sample of patients with chronic fatigue syndrome. They suggest these observations are consistent with a complex pathogenesis involving T cell activation and abnormalities of neuronal and mitochondrial function, possibly as a result of virus infection or organophosphate exposures.

    We suggest that chronic rick...

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  • Dangers of Bouin's Fixation.
    Daniel M Berney

    Dear Editor,

    I read with interest the paper by Ananthanarayanan et al.[1] on ‘Immunohistochemical assays in prostatic biopsies processed in Bouin’s fixative’. They rightly point out the problems encountered when trying to perform immunohistochemistry or other molecular techniques on Bouin’s fixed biopsies.

    However, there are other and more fundamental problems with Bouin’s fixative for prostatic tissue t...

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  • Antibiotic treatment and susceptibility testing
    Subhash C Arya

    Dear Editor,

    Kerr has succinctly outlined the events in the past six decades that assisted the clinicians in a judicious care of infectious diseases [1]. During the past decade several automated devices have been marketed that would reduce the turnaround period for bacteriological culture and susceptibility assays. While the majority of investigators found such systems to be so commendable, the recent controlled inve...

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  • Colposcopy Of Actinic Light
    Gerardo Diaz Sanchez

    Dear Editor,

    Uterine cervical cancer is one of the most common cancers in women. An estimated 500,000 cases of invasive cancer are diagnosed worldwide each year. Mexico has one of the high incidence rates of cervical cancer 50 cases per 100,000 women. Each year almost 5,000 Mexican women die for this disease. The high incidence of this disease may reflect the deficiency of early detection screening programs used....

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  • Letter in response to article: evaluation and costs of different haemaglobin methods for use in dis
    Reginald P Britt

    Dear Editor,

    We have had experience with the Hemocue and haemoglobin colour chart in India and would like to commnet on the report.

    For Hemocue they give a cost per test as $0.75 when in fact the cost of a single cuvette is $0.94 (UK). Further the cost of the instrument in their report is surprisingly low when compared with colourimeters. For example the Jenway 6051 costs £799 and the Hemocue £400. In...

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  • Histopathology of celiac disease in children
    Ricardo Drut

    Dear Editor,

    We have read with great interest the Viewpoint exposed by Corazza and Villanacci. We must say that we almost completely agree with their viewpoints and comments. We congratulate them for the courage of challenging the over repeated classifications for recognizing the small bowel mucosal changes in celiac disease which have induced and keeps on doing, so many disagreements. A small regretful sentence f...

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  • Causal relationship
    john B@rillo

    As a layman, even I am intrigued about the causal relationship between high triglyceride levels and skin tags.

    I also see skin tags mentioned frequently with Diabetes, Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and Acromegaly. What do these diseases have in common? Perhaps, skin tags are an end result of a biological process shared by and involved with these afflictions.

    Acromegaly and Diabetes affect the endroc...

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