Table 3

International staging system for lung cancer: stage groupings of TNM subsets (revised version, Mountain 1996)6

TX, tumour that cannot be assessed, or tumour confirmed by cytology but not identified by imaging or bronchoscopy.
Tis, carcinoma in situ.
Occult carcinomaTX N0 M0
Stage 0Tis N0 M0
Stage 1AT1 N0 M0
Stage 1BT2 N0 M0
Stage 2AT1 N1 M0
Stage 2BT2 N1 M0
T3 N0 M0
Stage 3AT3 N1 M0
T1-3 N2 M0
Stage 3BT1-4 N3 M0
T4 N0-3 M0
Stage 4T1-4 N0-3 M1