Table 1

HLA-DR and β2 microglobulin expression in invasive duct carcinoma with lymphocytic infiltration, atypical medullary carcinoma, and medullary carcinoma: clinical and immunohistological details

Tumour immunostainingLI immunostaining
PtTumour typeAge (y)Tumour size (cm)LNMStage at diagnTreatmentDistant metast and/or recurrF/U (y)/survivalHLA-DR (P)HLA-DR (I)β2 mic (P)β2 mic (I)HLA-DRβ2 mic
Patients with invasive duct carcinoma without lymphocyte infiltration were not included, as the immunohistological stains were overwhelmingly negative.
AD, axillary dissection; β2 mic, β2 microglobulin; chem, chemotherapy; diag, diagnosis; DOD, dead of disease; F/U, follow up; HLA-DR, human leucocyte antigen DR; (I), intensity of immunostaining; LI, lymphocytic infiltration; LNM, lymph node metastases; mas, mastectomy; metast; metastasis; NED, alive with no evidence of disease; (P), percentage of immunostaining; Pt, patient; rad, radiotherapy; recurr, recurrence; tam, tamoxifen; WE, wide excision; y, years.
1Invasive duct + LI621.5706/NED00000+4
2Invasive duct + LI68212Mas, chem, tam05/NED0000+1+1
3Invasive duct + LI6521WE05/NED00+2+1+1+2
4Invasive duct + LI342.5008/NED00+2+2+2+3
5Invasive duct + LI75302WE, rad, tam09/NED0000+1+3
6Invasive duct + LI431.592WE, chem, rad05/NED00+2+100
7Invasive duct + LI733No AD2Mas, tamLocal rec, liver met2/DOD+1+1+4+2+1+1
8Invasive duct + LI450.901WE, chem, rad06/NED0000+1+3
9Invasive duct + LI692.512WE, rad, tam05/NED00+2+20+2
10Invasive duct + LI621.542Mas, rad, tamBone, liver5/DOD0000+4+3
11Atypical medullary Ca59302WE, chem, rad06/NED0000+1+3
12Atypical medullary Ca452.512WE, chem, rad07/NED+2+2+2+1+1+1
13Atypical medullary Ca58202WE, tam08/NED00+3+200
14Atypical medullary Ca45410/NED0000+1+1
15Atypical medullary Ca50302WE, chem, radLung, brain3/DOD00+3+2+1+2
16Atypical medullary Ca36101WE, chem, rad011/NED00000+2
17Medullary Ca502No AD2WE, chem, rad09/NED+2+2+1+1+3+3
18Medullary Ca481.5No AD010/NED+4+3+4+3+1+2
19Medullary Ca562.502Mas, chem, tam010/NED+3+2+3+20+3
20Medullary Ca474.5No AD3WE, chem, rad011/NED0000+2+3
21Medullary Ca331.632Mas, chem09/NED+3+2+4+3+2+3