Table 1

Demonstration of immunoreactivity for Chlamydia pneumoniae membrane protein by immunocytochemistry and of cytoplasmic DNA fragmentation by the in situ DNA nick end labelling (TUNEL) assay in paraffin wax embedded sections of carotid arteries

CaseAge (years)Cause of deathDays post mortemLesion typeImmunoreactivity for C pneumoniae membrane proteinCytoplasmic DNA fragmentation
Days post mortem refers to the delay between death and the collection of specimens.
Lesion type is classified according to Stary et al as follows: I, normal artery/initial lesion; II, fatty streak; IV–V/VI, advanced lesion.12
Immunoreactivity for C pneumoniae membrane protein and cytoplasmic DNA fragmentation (small dots of uniform size) refer to the number of positive cells: –, none; +, some; ++, regular; +++, many.
273Respiratory failure4V++
464Heart failure6II+++
570Coronary artery disease6I
752Respiratory failure7I
930Natural causes6I
1066Heart failure3IVa+++
1260Heart failure1V/VI++++
1350Heart failure5V++