Table 1

The grade of histological features of gastritis in the antrum and the corpus

Cancer patientsControl subjects
01230123p Value
Data represent the number of patients.
p Values were determined by Mann-Whitney U test.
MNC, mononuclear cell; NS, not significant; PMN, polymorphonuclear cell.
MNC infiltration0618815233NS
PMN infiltration121820111920NS
Glandular atrophy521213411134p < 0.05
Helicobacter pylori density6144841189NS
Intestinal metaplasia1357723351p < 0.01
MNC infiltration0421746193p < 0.05
PMN infiltration620601111100NS
Glandular atrophy11124517465NS
Helicobacter pylori density19913510512NS
Intestinal metaplasia2424227221NS