Table 3

Details of fixation for the 152 in house breast carcinomas submitted for run 41

Type of fixativeDurationTemperaturen%
Unless stated otherwise, it was assumed fixation was performed at room temperature (ambient).
10% Formal saline18–48 hoursAmbient8052.6%
10% Formal saline72 hoursAmbient21.3%
10% Formal saline24 hours37°C21.3%
10% Neutral buffered formalin24–48 hoursAmbient4428.9%
10% Neutral buffered formalin72 hoursAmbient10.7%
10% Neutral buffered formalin5 hoursAmbient10.7%
Acidic formal alcohol24–48 hoursAmbient32.0%
Acidic formal alcohol10 hours25°C10.7%
Acidic formal alcohol48 hoursAmbient10.7%
Bouin's fluid12–24 hoursAmbient21.3%
Bouin's HollandeNot givenAmbient10.7%
Bouin Dubosq-Brasil6–24 hoursAmbient32.0%
Carson's fluid24 hoursAmbient10.7%
Formal calcium24 hoursAmbient10.7%
7.5% Formalin24 hoursAmbient10.7%
Information not given85.3%