Table 4

The main technical parameters used by participants and the organising laboratory of UK NEQAS-ICC in the immunohistochemical demonstration of oestrogen receptors (ER) and progesterone receptors (PR)

Oestrogen receptor: run 41Progesterone receptor: run 39
Ag retrieval10 Ab cloneDetectionAg retrieval10 Ab cloneDetection
Numbers shown in parenthesis relate to the number of laboratories using each antibody or system for run 41 (ER ∼ 178 returns) and run 39 (PR and ER, ∼ 176 returns)
In the runs for which PR was requested, laboratories not stocking an antibody to PR were requested to demonstrate ER.
10, primary; ABC, avidin biotin complex; Ab, antibody; Ag, antigen; MW, microwave oven pretreatment; LSAB, labelled St ABC; “Other”, antibodies or systems each used by less than four participants, or incomplete data; PC, pressure cooker pretreatment; St ABC, streptomyces ABC.
Clinically validated labs (6)MW (4)1D5 (5)LSAB (1)MW (3)1A6 (3)LSAB (1)
PC (2)6F11 (1)St ABC (3)PC (2)KD68 (3)St ABC (4)
ABC (2)None (1)ABC (1)
All UK NEQAS-ICC participating labsMW (96)1D5 (131)St ABC (61)MW (106) 1A6 (76)St ABC (64)
PC (60)6F11 (41)ABC(50)PC (55)1D5 (52)ABC (43)
PC in MW (18)Other (6)LSAB (23)PC in MW (5)6F11 (10)LSAB (41)
Other (4)Other (44)Other (10)Other (38)Other (28)
UK NEQAS organising labPC1D5St ABCPC1A6St ABC