Table 1

Results of culture, AFB smear, histology, cytology, and PCR analysis for 45 patients with lymphadenitis

Number of patients positive/number of patients tested (%)
Method*TBLN (n = 22)NTL (n = 14)GLA (n = 9)
*Results of biopsy and FNA have been combined.
p < 0.0002 for PCR v culture; Mycobacterium tuberculosis was cultured from biopsy and FNA in one patient only.
p < 0.005 for PCR v AFB smear, AFB were detected in biopsy and FNA in one patient only.
AFB, acid fast bacilli; FNA, fine needle aspirate; GLA, granulomatous lymphadenitis; NTL, non-tubercular lymphadenitis; PCR, polymerase chain reaction; TBLN, tuberculous lymphadenitis.
Culture5/22 (23)0/140/9
AFB smear8/22 (36)0/140/9
Tissue histology13/22 (59)0/147/9
FNA cytology7/22 (32)0/145/9
PCR18/22 (82)2/14 (14)6/9