Table 2

Clinical and histological features and outcome of secondary malignant lymphomas of the bladder

Age/SexClinical historyHistological diagnosisImmunophenotypeFollow up
F, female; M, male.
65/MPresented with faecal fistula at operation site 2 months after appendicectomy. Developed cystitis with rectovesical fistula. Laparotomy showed a mass involving the ileum. Generalised lymphadenopathyDiffuse large B cell lymphoma secondary to systemic follicular lymphomaCD20+Died of disease after 13 months
41/MPresented with lower abdominal pain and diarrhoea. Abdominal lymphadenopathy and a caecal mass were found. Biopsy showed “malignant lymphoma”. Treated with radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Bladder found to be involved at necropsyDiffuse large B cell lymphomaCD20+Died of disease after 10 months
32/MSix weeks' history of a flu like illness. Necropsy showed an abdominal mass and lymphadenopathyDiffuse large B cell lymphomaCD20+Died of disease (necropsy)
76/FOne month history of swelling of left leg. Lymphadenopathy left groin and right axilla. Mass in lower abdomenDiffuse large B cell lymphomaCD20+ CD30+Died of disease after 1 month
81/FKnown Hodgkin's diseaseNodular sclerosis Hodgkin's diseaseNo follow up