Table 2

Numbers of mast cells detected in nephrectomy specimens using immunohistochemistry for mast cell tryptase

Mast cells/mm2 median (range)
DiagnosisOuter cortexInner cortexMedulla
CVR and CPN v normal kidney: p < 0.01 for cortex and medulla; CVR v CPN, not significant.
CPN, chronic obstructive pyelonephritis; CVR, chronic vascular rejection.
Normal kidney2.5 (0.3–4.3)0.3 (0.3–3.8)1.0 (0–5)
CVR35 (15.3–53.3)47 (29–51.3)22.5 (15.3–39.8)
CPN30.5 (23.5–41.8)48.1 (32.5–63.8)45.3 (23.8–55)