Table 3

The distribution of the diagnostic assessments of the pathologist related to the different groups of the D score and selected patient details

D score <0D score 0–1D score >1Total
CAH, complex atypical hyperplasia; CH, complex hyperplasia; SAH, simple atypical hyperplasia; SH, simple hyperplasia.
Diagnostic assessment related to D score
SH1 (case 1)2 (cases 2,3)69
CH2 (cases 4,5)4 (cases 6–9)410
Patient details
Case no D score WHO Hysterectomy Follow up (months)
Case 10−0.4SHNoDied from cerebral haemorrhage (24)
Case 400.6SHNoAlive and well (180)
Case 60.9SHNoAlive and well (204)
Case 66−0.2CHNoAlive and well (204)
Case 1−1.2CHYes (CH)Hysterectomy (12)
Case 130.1CHNoAlive and well (92)
Case 490.6CHNoAlive and well (180)
Case 90.3CHYes (CH)(1)
Case 761.0CHYes (CH)(1)