Table 1

Reported cases of Clostridium sordellii bacteraemia in the literature

Ref Age/SexUnderlying conditionPresenting illnessPresumed portal of entryOutcome
Four other cases of C sordellii bacteraemia have been reported but the description is incomplete and outcome not reported.13
†Two further cases of endocarditis have been reported in one series but no details were provided.20
§No further details given.
GI, gastrointestinal tract; IV, intravenous.
1418/MAcute alcoholic intoxicationCardiorespiratory arrest, myonecrosis, necrotic-haemorrhagic pancreatitis GI/colonFatal
1061/MRheumatic valvular diseasePneumonitis, empyemaOropharynxSurvived
Congestive heart failureInfective endocarditis†
1254/MMetastatic melanoma to colonSeptic shockGI/colonFatal
1240/FGenitourinary malignancyPostoperative wound infection§UnknownSurvived
1537/MIV drug abuse, sickle cell thalassaemia, inflammatory bowel disease, functional aspleniaPneumonitis, back pain, bleeding from rectum?GI/colonSurvived
1648/FLiver transplantation, immunosuppressive treatmentSeptic shock?Transcutaneous liver biopsyFatal
1755/MTransitional cell carcinoma of the bladder, radiation colitisIntra-abdominal sepsis, perforated viscusGI/colonFatal
1329/FCaesarian sectionSeptic shock, retroperitoneal sepsisGI/colonFatal
1837/MChronic alcoholism/liver cirrhosisHaemetemesis peritonitis, intravascular haemolysis?GIFatal
1973/MMetastatic prostate cancerPerirectal and ischiorectal abscessGI/rectumFatal
Case 181/FTraumatic self evacuationWidespread cellulitis, perirectal necrosisGI/rectumFatal
Case 212/MEpilepsyEar infectionEarSurvived