Table 1

The numbering of regional lymph nodes (LNs) of the pancreas according to the Japanese Pancreatic Society classification system22

1Right cardial LNs
2Left cardial LNs
3LNs along the lesser curvature of the stomach
4LNs along the greater curvature of the stomach
5Suprapyloric LNs
6Infrapyloric LNs
7LNs along the left gastric artery
8LNs around the common hepatic artery
9LNs around the coeliac trunk
10LNs at the hilum of the spleen
11LNs around the splenic artery
12LNs of the hepatoduodenal ligament
13Posterior pancreaticoduodenal LNs
14LNs around the superior mesenteric artery
15LNs along the middle colic artery
16Para-aortic LNs
17Anterior pancreaticoduodenal LNs
18Inferior LNs