Table 2

Clinical, morphological, and biological data of node negative women T1–4 N0 M0 (n = 134)

p21waf negativep21waf positiveTotal
n%n%n% p Value
Univariate statistical calculation using χ2 test.
Receptor status: positive, ER positive and/or PR positive; negative, ER negative and PR negative; detection by immunohistochemistry.
Steroid hormone receptor status was determined in 132 women, PCNA in 131, Her2/neu expression in 130, and p53 expression in 131 samples.
ER, oestrogen receptor; NS, not significant; PCNA, proliferating cell nuclear antigen; PR, progesterone receptor.
Age (years)
   < 50 years3425.4139.74735.1
    > 505641.83123.18764.9NS
Menopausal status
Tumour size (cm)
    < 24835.81712.76548.5
    > 510.786.096.70.001
Tumour grade
Receptor status
    < 10%4534.42015.36549.6
    > 50%96.9139.92216.80.017