Table 4

Number of events (relapses) in the node negative (known follow up n = 130) and node positive (n = 159) subgroups

Node negative patients (T1-4 N0 M0)Node positive patients (T1-4 N1-2 M0)
TotalEvents%p ValueTotalEvents%p Value
Median observation time for disease free survival, 82 months. Statistical calculation using log rank test.
Univariate statistical calculation using χ2 test.
Receptor status: positive, ER positive and/or PR positive; negative, ER negative and PR negative; detection by immunohistochemistry.
ER, oestrogen receptor; NS, not significant; PCNA, proliferating cell nuclear antigen; PR, progesterone receptor.
Age (years)
    < 5047919.2552545.5
    > 50832327.7NS1046158.7NS
Menopausal status
Tumour size (cm)
    < 2631413.0471940.4
    > 58225.0NS322475.0< 0.00001
Tumour grade
    GIII35925.7NS564275.0< 0.00001
Receptor status
    < 10%621321.0652741.5
    > 50%22836.4NS442965.90.037