Table 1

Key genes encoded by cytomegalovirus (CMV). The list merely highlights genes that are either discussed in the text or are pertinent to viral pathogenicity and does not aim to be exhaustive

HLA, human major histocompatibility complex; NK, natural killer cell.
UL55 (glycoprotein B)Surface glycoprotein and major target for neutralising antibodies
UL83 (pp65)Major target for CD8 restricted cytotoxic lymphocytes.
Major virion structural protein
US27, US28, UL33, UL75G coupled receptor family members. US28 acts as a promiscuous chemokine receptor.
US2, US3, US6 and US11Proteins involved in the downregulation of HLA class I display on infected cells
UL18Class I HLA homologue.
Binds β2-microglobulin and may function as an NK decoy
UL146CXC chemokine homologue able to chemoattract neutrophils
UL112/113 (immediate–early genes IE1/IE2)Key transactivators required for the replication of CMV.
Able to interfere with the cell cycle
UL80AProtease encoded by all herpesviruses and necessary for capsid assembly
UL97Protein kinase essential for replication.
Activates ganciclovir to its monophosphate.
Site of action of the benzimidazole classes of drugs
UL54DNA polymerase. Site of action of antiviral compounds such as ganciclovir (triphosphate), aciclovir (triphosphate), cidofovir (disphosphate), and foscarnet