Table 3

Histologicalal results of colonic biopsies in cryptosporidiosis

Cryptosporidiosis (group I) n = 10Group IIGroup III
Values for apoptosis and surface covered by cryptosporidium are means (SE) of samples within each group.
Cryptosporidiosis v HIV negative controls: *, p <0.05.
Cryptosporidiosis v AIDS without intestinal infection: §, p <0.05.
Apoptosis (/10 glands)4.4 (4.6)*§0.3 (0.8)0.02 (0.06)
Intraluminal glandular cellular necrosis100%00
Glandular abnormalities100%00
Glandular dilatation90%00
Glandular disappearance70%00
Crypt abscess10%00
Eosinophil increase60%00
Surface covered by cryptosporidium (%)13.9 (16.5) (1–50%)00