Table 1

Results of four cDNA microarrays with chondrosarcomas (CS)

*Non-normalised signal obtained by analysis with GenePix 3.0 package; “no flags” refers to the mean signal of only the reliable spots on the array.
†Number of spots that were not detectable because of weak signal or bad signal to noise ratio.
‡Ratio of the Cy5 versus the Cy3 ratio, normalised according to the GenePix 3.0 program.
Cy3, fluorescence at 532 nm; Cy5, fluorescence at 635 nm.
Cy5 sampleOUMS cell linePeripheral CSNormal cartilageNormal cartilage
Cy3 sampleSW1353 cell lineCentral CSCentral CSPeripheral CS
Mean signal/no flags: Cy5*3078/40261299/1947907/1192949/1377
Mean background/no flags Cy5*499/486575/560627/5726662/686
Mean signal/no flags Cy3*3095/40771155/1842440/613489/817
Mean background/no flags Cy3*512/527402/405344/340267/274
No. of flags†662115014481452
Range of ratios‡49–0.06746–0.05322–0.06127–0.021
Cy5/Cy3 ratios >3236573123
Cy5/Cy3 ratios >242113093109
Cy3/Cy5 ratios >3225593176
Cy3/Cy5 ratios >243815565125