Table 3

Proportion of CIN samples with transcripts

No. positive samples (% positive)Positive predictive value and specificity for CIN 2/3
TranscriptCIN 0/1 (n = 17)CIN 2/3 (n = 40)p ValuePPVSpecificity
The table shows the proportion of colposcopy samples containing HPV-16 that contained detectable amounts of the transcripts shown. The number in each group (n) is shown.
HPV-16 transcripts are E6, E6*I, E6*II, E7, and L1. E6 and E7 encode the full length functional protein, whereas E6*I and E6*II encode truncated E6 proteins whose functions are uncertain.
Cellular transcripts are telomerase reverse transcriptase (hTERT), telomerase RNA component (hTR), and survivin.
p Values were calculated using χ2 analysis.
Also shown are the subsequent positive predictive value (PPV) and specificity in determining CIN 2/3 for each transcript.
Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH) transcripts were detected in all samples.
E66.00 (35.3)29.00 (72.5)0.0182.9064.70
E6*I2.00 (11.8)17.00 (42.5)0.0189.5088.20
E6*II0.00 (0)10.00 (25)0.04100.00100.00
E75.00 (29.4)24.00 (60)0.0482.8070.60
L16.00 (35.3)23.00 (57.5)0.1379.3064.70
hTERT1.00 (5.9)0.00 (0)0.120.0094.10
hTR14.00 (82.4)37.00 (92.5)0.2572.5017.60
Survivin8.00 (47.1)15.00 (37.5)0.5065.2052.90