Table 3

Advantages and disadvantages associated with the methods used to detect antibodies to extractable nuclear antigens

ELISA, enzyme linked immunosorbent assay.
Double diffusion (Oucterlony)CheapSlow
High specificityLow sensitivity
Several antigens analysed simultaneouslySubjective interpretation
Need for large volumes of prototype sera
Countercurrent electrophoresisCheapModest sensitivity
High specificitySubjective interpretation
Several antigens analysed simultaneouslyNeed for large volumes of prototype sera
Faster than double diffusion
Passive haemagglutinationSemiquantitativeTime consuming
Need purified antigen
ELISAAutomatedPotential for false positives
Potential for quantification
High sensitivity
Potential for antibody class definition
Western blottingHigh specificityLow sensitivity
Time consuming
Only detects 85% of Ro positive sera