Table 2

E test MICs for CCUG reference strains performed at the beginning, midway, and at the end (runs 1–3) of our study

QC strainClarithromycin MIC μg/mlMetronidazole MIC μg/mlAmoxicillin MIC μg/ml
*Mutant colonies inside the zone.
CCUG, culture collection of the University of Gotenberg; MIC, minimum inhibitory concentration.
Resistance breakpoint>2>8>0.5
CCUG 38770
Expected result0.012–0.25>2560.015
Run 10.38>2560.016
Run 20.38>2560.016
Run 30.25>2560.016
CCUG 38771
Expected result0.030.5<0.015
Run 10.0231<0.016
Run 20.0230.19<0.016
Run 30.0230.19*<0.016
CCUG 38772
Expected result232–64<0.015
Run 16>256<0.016
Run 20.75128<0.016
Run 3664<0.016