Table 2

Southern blot analysis of Ig/TCR genes in patients with discordant molecular results (n = 2) or inconclusive histopathological diagnosis (n = 7)

CaseCategoryCombined histomorphology and immunohistochemistrySB analysis of Ig/TCR genesPCR analysis of IGH genes (FR3/FR2/FR1)Follow up analysis and clinical data
AILD, angioimmunoblastic lymphoproliferative disease; B-NHL, B cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma; DLCL, diffuse large B cell lymphoma; FL, follicular lymphoma; FR, framework region; HD, Hodgkin's disease; IGH, immunoglobulin heavy chain; LL, lymphocytic leukaemia; TCR, T cell receptor; TdT, terminal deoxy nucleotidyl transferase; T-NHL, T cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.
767DiscordantDLCLNon-clonalPolyclonalDiagnosis of B-NHL also based on earlier biopsy; treated for B-NHL
95-040DiscordantFL (revised; initially reactive)Non-clonalPolyclonalUnknown
759InconclusiveSuspected B-NHL (LL)ClonalPolyclonalUnknown
766InconclusiveSuspected acute lymphoblastic leukaemiaClonalPolyclonalNot treated, despite presence of TdT+ cells in lymph node
818InconclusiveSuspected B-NHLClonalPolyclonalDiagnosis of DLCL on next biopsy; relapse of DLCL in neck 4 years later
94-105InconclusiveDifferential diagnosis, B-NHL/HDClonalClonalRemission after treatment for T rich B-NHL;
(IGH/IGK)(FR2/FR1)2 years later presentation of lymphocyte rich nodular HD; B-NHL perceived as transformed phase of underlying HD
95-056InconclusiveDifferential diagnosis, HD/B-NHLNon-clonalPolyclonalTreated for lymphocyte rich nodular HD; follow up 4 years later: no localisation of HD in lymph node
95-054InconclusiveReactive, but suspectNon-clonalPolyclonalTreated for nodular sclerotic HD; follow up 1 year later: reactive lymph node
95-036InconclusiveSuspected T-NHLNon-clonalNDSepsis leading to death; AILD T-NHL at necropsy