Table 2

Studies of the parents of patients with Hb H disease

RelationshipAge (years)GenotypeHb (g/l)MCV (fL)MCH (pg)
MCH, mean corpuscular haemoglobin; MCV, mean corpuscular volume; NA, not available.
Mother I33(−α3.7/αα)1179229
Father I35(−−SEA/αα)1367422
Father II43(−α3.7/αα)1468128
Mother II39NA1116822
Father III36(−α4.2/αα)1588728
Mother III36(−−SEA/αα)1167322
Father IV51CSα/αα)1478627
Mother IV47(−−SEA/αα)1126820
Mother V36CSα/αα)1357926
Father V40(−−SEA/αα)1417022
Mother VI37QSα/αα)1297625
Father VI40(−−SEA/αα)1346922
Father VII41QSα/αα)1337925
Mother VIII34Codon 30 ΔGAGα/αα)1248226
Father VIII41NA1357122