Table 1

Documentation of pathological features in text and proforma reports for breast cancer excision specimens

Documentation of feature presentMastectomiesBiopsies
Text (n = 25)Proforma (n = 25)p ValueText (n = 25)Proforma (n = 25)p Value
*Not all specimens in the sample included axillary nodes; **only some specimens were orientated to allow specific identification of margins.
DCIS, ductal carcinoma in situ; ER, oestrogen receptor; NS, not significant; PR, progesterone receptor.
Specimen weightn/an/a2425NS
Histological subtype2524NS2525
Tumour grade2325NS2525
Invasive tumour size2225NS2425NS
Total lesion size1921NS2123NS
Closest margin named**225<0.00116/1913/16NS
Margin measurement24242425NS
Lymphovascular invasion2425NS2524NS
Total no. of lymph nodes*22/2223/2314/1415/15
No. of positive nodes*22/2223/2314/1415/15
ER status2325NS2225NS
PR status2225NS2124NS
Presence of calcification2025<0.0252125<0.05
DCIS present?2025<0.0252225NS
If DCIS present (10 cases)(16 cases)(14 cases)(12 cases)
Extent of DCIS413<0.051110NS
DCIS grade915NS1011NS
DCIS pattern616<0.011011NS