Table 1

Presenting clinical features and survival of current and previously reported true erythroleukaemia cases

No of casesSplenomegalyHepatomegalyPancytopeniaCirculating proerythroblastsSurvival (months)
*One case had no hepatosplenomegaly at presentation, but did have hepatic, splenic, and renal infiltration with pronormoblasts at necropsy.
**Median of all cases with survival data (40 in total).
ND, not determined or individually reported.
Di Guglielmo 1928211/11/11/11/12
Lazzaro 19331511/11/10/11/10.5
Stodmeister 19411611/11/10/11/10
Mirchandani et al 19831710/10/11/10/13
Reiffers et al 19851821/2*0/2*2/21/20.5, 1
Ruvidic iet al 198651NDND1/10/10.5
Griesser and Hornby 19876110/111/1111/117/110.5–4
Kowal-Vern et al 19921913NDNDNDND0.1–9
Tsuji et al 19952011/11/11/10/12
Mazzella et al 19982115NDNDNDND0.5–14.5
Hasserjian et al 200022/21/22/21/20, 4
Total497/20 (35%)6/20 (30%)19/21 (90%)12/21 (57%)1.5**