Table 1

Phenotype of gastric mucosa in patients with Barrett's oesophagus and in non-ulcer dyspeptic controls

Gastric intestinal metaplasia (high iron diamine)H pylori positive
Gastric phenotypeNumber (%)Type IType IIType IIIH pylori negativecagA positivecagA negative
MAG, multifocal atrophic gastritis.
Normal mucosaPatients6 (11.3)6
Controls4 (7.50)4
Non-atrophic antral predominant gastritisPatients40 (75.5)24610
Controls31 (58.5)8185
Focal atrophyPatients5 (9.40)230311
Controls5 (9.40)320140
Autoimmune (corpus restricted) gastritisPatients00
Controls1 (1.8)100
MAGPatients2 (3.80)200110
Controls12 (22.6)723363