Table 2

Expression of killer cell inhibitory receptor in nodal and extranodal lymphomas

ALCL, anaplastic large cell lymphoma; LTCL, large T cell lymphoma; NK, natural killer; NOS, not otherwise specified.
True NK cell lymphomas
Intestinal lymphoma, nasal type11/11/11/1
T cell lymphomas with a cytotoxic phenotype
Enteropathy-type T cell lymphoma53/51/50/5
Nodal CD30+ ALCL50/50/50/5
CD30+ cutaneous LTCL50/50/50/5
Lymphomatoid papulosis80/80/80/8
Mycosis fungoides60/60/60/6
T cell lymphomas without a cytotoxic phenotype
Mycosis fungoides120/120/120/12
CD30 cutaneous LTCL20/20/20/2
Nodal T cell lymphoma NOS50/50/50/5