Table 2

BRCA1 mutations and immunostaining

SampleMutationCodonExonCoding effectD-20 NCI-20 NCK-18 NCMS110 NC
Location of immunogen (amino acid): D-20, N -terminal (aa 2–21); I-20, C-terminal (aa 1826–46); K-18, N -terminal (aa 70–89); MS110, N -terminal (aa 1–304).
Antigen retrieval: D-20, I-20, and K-18, autoclaving; MS110, microwave.
Staining: C, cytoplasmic staining; N, nuclear staining; *membrane pattern.
Case 11623del554111Frameshift++++++
Case 21623del554111Frameshift++*+++++
Case 3185delAG612Frameshift+++++++
Case 43450del4115011Frameshift++++
Case 53450del4115011Frameshift++++++
Case 63450del4115011Frameshift++*+++++
Case 73450del4115011Frameshift+++++++++