Table 1

Characteristics of the anti-MUC1 monoclonal antibodies and staining dilutions used

AntibodyMouse isotypeImmunogenSpecificityMaterial and staining dilutionRefs
E29 and 139H2 detect MUC1 irrespective of the degree of glycosylation.
DF3 also detects MUC1 irrespective of the degree of glycosylation, with the exception of strongly hyperglycosylated MUC1, as present in small intestine.
VU-4H5 detects MUC1 when the threonine residue is non-glycosylated.
SM3 detects MUC1 when it is hypoglycosylated; that is, contains short sugar chains.
EMA, epithelial membrane antigen.
E29 (anti-EMA)IgG2aHuman milk fat globule membraneAPDTRPPurified protein, 1/100026, 37
139H2IgG1Human milk fat globule membraneAPDTRPAPAscites material, 1/100046
DF3IgG1Membrane from breast metastasisAPDTRPAPPurified protein, 1/100026, 47
VU-4H5IgG160 mer MUC1 peptide–BSAAPDTRPAPAscites material, 1/100048
SM3IgG1Deglycosylated milk mucinAPDTRPCulture supernatant, undiluted26, 38