Table 4

Summary of colour change in bruises with time

Source0–24 h1–3 days4–7 days1–2 weeksOver 2 weeks
The data are adapted from various authors' observations, excluding studies from photographs.
Camps (1976)5Red, dusky/purple, blackGreenYellowResolution
Glaister (1962)6Dark blueDark blueGreenYellowResolution
Polson et al (1985)7Red, dark or red/blackGreenish tinge (day 7)YellowingResolution
Smith and Fiddes (1955)8Red, purple/blackYellow (begins)YellowYellow/resolution
Spitz and Fisher (1974)9Light blue/redDark purpleDark purple, greenish/yellowBrownResolution
Adelson (1974)10Red/blue, purpleBlue/brownYellow/greenResolutionResolution