Table 2

Loss of heterozygosity at chromosome 9q (qLOH) for each marker lesion combination in haemangiomas US1–4

Haemangioma sample number
MarkerLocation (cM)L1L2L1L2L1L2L1L2
The results for each of the two dissections (L1 and L2) are given.
+inf, qLOH was infinite owing to complete loss of one allele; –, the marker was uninformative, or marker analysis was attempted but failed.
*qLOH was greater than 2, denoting significant loss of the larger allele, or less than 0.5, denoting significant loss of the smaller allele.
The map location of each marker is taken from the Marshfield map set 8 from Research GeneticsTM.
GATA62F03 00.541.*
D9S925 110.910.561.32.3*1.10.86
D9S922 630.690.663.3*2.2*0.69
D9S910 921.31.2