Table 3

Number of informative marker lesion combinations, and number of loss of heterozygosity (LOH) events seen for each chromosomal location

No. of LOH events (total number of informative combinations)
Chromosomal locationUK1UK2US1US2US3US4Total no. of informative marker/lesion combinationsTotal no. of informative LOH events seen
This information is given for each haemangioma successfully analysed, as well as for the total data set.
*A significantly greater (p <0.05) proportion of LOH events for markers on chromosome 5q than for markers on either chromosome 9 or chromosome 5p (using the χ2 test with 1 degree of freedom).
90 (9)0 (6)3 (6)1 (4)25 4
5p0 (3)2 (5)0 (2)0 (2)0 (2)1 (4)18 3
5q1 (9)4 (9)3 (6)1 (4)5 (7)5 (8)4319*