Table 3

Endoscopic and histological findings in NSAID users and controls complaining of ulcer-like dyspepsia

NSAID users (n = 94)p ValueControls (n = 63)
Significance was calculated by means of the Student's t test for mean values and the χ2 test for percentages.
NS, not significant; NSAID, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
Erosions33 (35%)<0.0515 (24%)
Ulcers22 (23%)<0.0014 (6%)
Mean endoscore (SD)1.20 (0.48)<0.050.46 (0.21)
Chemical gastritis8 (8%)NS3 (5%)
Active gastritis20 (21%)NS12 (19%)
Helicobacter pylori 45 (48%)NS26 (41%)