Table 1

Descriptive statistics of 20 posterior cruciate ligaments in degenerative knees

PatientAge (years)Sex (M/F)DiagnosisPreoperative destructionCollagen fibreBone fragmentsNeuro-filaments
Diagnosis: OA, osteoarthritis; RA, rheumatoid arthitis.
Preoperative destruction: classification according to Ahlback (OA) or Larsen (RA). In patients six and 13 a difference was present between the medial and lateral compartments.
Collagen fibres: mucoid degeneration (slight, focal, or extensive, see text) or normal aspect. Irregular or parallel collagen fibre orientation.
M, male; F, female.
169FOA4Focal mucoid/irregular+
285FOA5Extensive mucoid/irregular+
360FOA5Focal mucoid/irregular+
473FOA5Extensive mucoid /irregular+
563MOA5Focal mucoid/irregular+
784FOA4None/local irregular+
875FOA4Slight mucoid/local irregular+
979FOA5Extensive mucoid/irregular++
1079MOA5Focal mucoid/irregular+
1182FOA4None/local irregular+
1249FRA4None/slight irregular+
1482FRA4None/slight irregular++
1645FRA5Focal mucoid/slight irregular++
1785FRA5Slight mucoid/parallel++
1866FRA5Slight mucoid/parallel+
1955FRA4Slight mucoid/parallel+
2048FRA5Focal mucoid/irregular+