Table 1

Inclusion and exclusion criteria for quantitative pathological analysis of Barrett’s biopsies (after Sandick et al, 2000,13 with modifications)

Inclusion criteria
    1 Biopsies with Barrett’s mucosa AND
    2 Presence of homogeneous area of no dysplasia, low grade dysplasia or high grade dysplasia in 5 or more well oriented glands AND
    3 Biopsies with full thickness mucosa including the muscularis mucosae
Exclusion criteria
    1 Biopsies showing severe endoscopy induced mechanical distortion (crushing, smearing) AND/OR
    2 Biopsies with a sole area of glandular epithelium immediately adjacent to the squamo–columnar junction AND/OR
    3 Severe inflammation AND/OR
    4 Extensive ulceration AND/OR
    5 Any doubt as to the applicability or fulfilment of the inclusion criteria AND/OR
    6 Any doubt as to the adequacy of the Ki67 stain AND/OR
    7 Too bleach Ki67 stain