Table 3

Summary of remarks made by the experts in each case in relation to the type of downgrading (see also table 2)

Type of grade change
RemarkIndef ND%LGD ND%LGD Indef%HGD ND%HGD Indef%HGD LGD%Overall%
Note that the experts did not always make a remark in the case of downgrading so that the number of downgradings is higher than the number of remarks.
ND, no dysplasia; Indef, indefinite; LGD, low grade dysplasia; HGD, high grade dysplasia, SCJ, squamo–columnar junction.
SCJ nearby225%1352%113%00%00%00%1632%
Reactive changes338%28%00%00%00%00%510%
Severe inflammation00%00%113%00%150%00%24%