Table 4

Tumour immunoreactivity (TI) for nm23-H1 (compared with normal bronchial epithelium (NBE)) correlated with tumour cell dissemination (TCD) in all cases in which normal epithelium was identified on the tissue section

In 32 of the 42 cases assessed by immunohistochemistry, normal bronchial epithelium could be identified on the same section. The intensity of immunoreactivity in the tumours in these 32 cases was compared to the respective normal bronchial epithelium.
Bone marrow TCD absent20686
Bone marrow TCD detected12660
Pleural TCD absent268126
Pleural TCD detected6420
Lymphatic TCD absent14743
Lymphatic TCD detected185103
TCD absent in all systems9243
TCD detected in at least 1 system2310103
Bone marrow and pleural TCD absent16376
TCD detected in bone marrow and/or pleura16970