Table 1

Incidence of rough and smooth rib ends; mean incision lengths, times, and speeds; thoracic cavity incidence of fluid, adhesions, tumours, spray, and organ damage; and approximate costing for the instruments used in the study

Hand sawElectric sawRib shearsBread knife
Path., pathologist; s, seconds.
Rough bone20204012102230194981826
Smooth bone16319165211111211617
Rough cartilage112101415112
Smooth cartilage142842233861212142332861
Mean incision length (Path. 1) (cm)313127272929
Mean incision time (Path. 1) (s)181823232020
Mean incision speed (Path. 1) (cm/s)
Mean incision length (Path. 2) (cm)362934323232313332293131
Mean incision time (Path. 2) (s)16141618121610151351210
Mean incision speed (Path. 2) (cm/s)
Mean incision length (Path. 3) (cm)302829243230313131323031
Mean incision time (Path. 3) (s)181617161918262827131513
Mean incision speed (Path. 3) (cm/s)
Mean incision speed (cm/s)
Organ damage112000303235
Approximate cost (£)259005012